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Wage and Benefit
People who keep thinking, practicing and innovating
are the talents that XTX needs
A creator who pursues innovative thinking and self-innovation
Wage and Benefit
1. Competitive salary: Munificent monthly salary, year-end bonus, performance bonus, patent bonus, recommendation bonus, etc.
2. Five-insurance welfare: Let you devote yourselves to work, and relieve your worries!
3. Commercial insurance: Increase personal security for you and your family!
4. Wonderful staff activities: Outdoor development, department party, annual party and so on, let you feel the warmth and strength of the team!
5. Subsidies: According to the position, we set diversified subsidies to support your business and activities!
6. In addition to paid leave of statutory holidays: We enjoy paid annual leave according to the labor law!
7. Have a proud career and “dual track” development opportunity of technical expert and professional director!
8. Obtain all-round technical, quality and management training and development!
9. Mysterious birthday gifts, thoughtful festival presents, give you a lot of surprises!